This at-you-own-pace online makeup course, is for woman looking to learn REAL answers on beauty and makeup. We will be diving into the struggles many Millennial & GenX woman face when it comes to their makeup application. When it comes to makeup and beauty the same rules don’t apply once you’re over the age of 25. 

All sections are broken down into lectures on weekly topics according to makeup application. 

Each subject through the course has:

  • An introduction presentation to my theory behind why I use and place products the way I do. 
  • Includes video breakdown with 4 woman of different skin tones, 3 looks each. All demo models used for this course are a variety of ages, have different skin types, skin tones and eye color. 
  • Trainings with me for an insight on my personal application 
  • Self Application technique
  • 10 product recommendation spreadsheets 

You will be learning how:

  • To even out your skin tone
  • What basic skincare items you should and shouldn’t be using- (ALL skin types)
  • Proper concealing technique 
  • How to create long lasting makeup
  • Highlight and contouring- (creating dimension) 
  • HOW THE HECK to use eyeshadow & all things eyes.
  • How to create a custom palette of color options for your unique eye color. 
  • Hacks on creating a unique beauty style.
  • Creating 6-7 lip styles with the same lipstick. 
  • Do your makeup for camera (LIVES/Zoom calls) 
  • Do your makeup for stage. 
  • How to pack when traveling only with carryon products. 
  • Basic hair styling 

The Bold Beauty Method online course is available to buy on its own, which can be completed at your own pace.


Available with an 8 week group program that includes:

  • customized face charts with exact placements for your features.
  • LIVE Weekly trainings/New guest speakers
  • Direct feedback on your "practice images"
  • Accountability/check in's
  • On going mini techniques and education via The Bold Beauty Method monthly news letter.

***Ultimately your personal results will be measured by how much effort you put into the course by practicing what you've learned. Some techniques will take time to develop into your daily routine. Each week has about an hour of content total.


"I've worked with Meagan and her team numerous times -- not only for my wedding in 2016, but for various social events since 2011. We had a recent makeup tutorial and it was seriously the most informative 2 hours ever! I've attempted to watch beauty tutorials online, but nothing compares to an in-person step by step discussion of how to use products that I already own, which ones aren't right for my skin tone, and suggestions of which items I should purchase. Meagan and her team are always so relaxed and fun... they are such a great group of talented and professionals that I highly trust time and time again. :)"

- Nicole George

"Meagan Brown gave a guest artist “Stage Make-up” lecture in my Dance Production class at Southwestern College on April 10 , 2012. She was very thorough and organized in her informative approach and technique. She clearly described “how to use and apply” make-up using handouts and examples on students. She also demonstrated how to create a “smoky eye,” how to blend colors, use a bronzer and highlight the eyes with neon colors. The students enjoyed her personality and helpful tips. I would definitely have Meagan come in to give another lecture and I would recommend her to other college dance / theatre departments."

Dana Maue

Assistant Professor of Dance

Southwestern College

Hi, I’m Meagan 

I'm a Makeup Artist entrepreneur, with a dream to teach woman the REAL answers on beauty and makeup. 

When I'm not doing makeup you can find me spending time with my husband, adventuring outside, and I have an obsession with salsa dancing. (another passion in my life).

I've been a professional Makeup Artist in Southern California since 2009. Since, I've had the opportunity working in LA, NY and all over the west coast for campaigns, commercial and editorial shoots. I specialize in natural enhanced beauty, from commercial shoots to brides, I've experienced and done it all.

My mission is to teach you the tricks to applying makeup specific to your features. The everyday woman (you) wants to look her best, but probably won’t spend more than 10 minutes on a daily basis.

I’ve taken that into consideration, and will provide useful, HONEST information while still keeping application techniques simple and easy to follow.

My goal is to disrupt your daily routine, and teach you how to look your best regardless of how much time you have. 

I believe if you learn the science behind what you are doing with beauty basics, you will feel more confident with your application, while expanding your beauty style & routine.